The Marlborough Republicans

Joseph Weber - Incumbent Zoning Board of Appeals

Joseph M. Weber, is running for a position on the Zoning Board of Appeals as an Full Member.                                                      

Joe’s vision is to keep Marlborough as a nice place to live and work. He is a Founding member of the Residents Advocating Conservation Group. Joe has an Associate Degrees in  Mechanical Design and Electronic Engineering.

Incumbents - Zoning Board of Appeals

Chris Lawson - Incumbent Zoning Board of Appeals

I am running for re-election on the Marlborough Zoning Board of Appeals and am asking for your continued support. I’m originally from East Hampton but my wife and I moved to Marlborough in 2000.  I believe it is important to give back to the community so in 2005, I ran for and was elected to the Marlborough Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA).  While serving on the ZBA over the years I have held positions as Alternate member, Fulltime member, Secretary, and Vice Chairman.  I have become well versed in CT Land Use Statutes, Zoning Regulations for the town of Marlborough, and have attended CT Land Use Academy workshops.

In addition to the ZBA, I give back to the community wherever I can including being an active volunteer at the Marlborough Food Bank, and participation in the Marlborough Youth Summer Service Weekend Cleanup.

If re-elected, I will deal with each Zoning Appeal request individually, in an unbiased manner.  I recognize there can be unique circumstances where existing zoning regulations can limit a landowner’s ability to develop which may require a zoning variance.  With each zoning variance request, I will maintain a balanced perspective regarding the landowner’s desire to develop, existing Zoning Regulations, and the impact to the community.  I have a proven track record of researching all requests and meeting attendance.

I look forward to continue serving the community.