The Marlborough Republicans

Incumbent - Tax Collector

Barbara Murray - Tax Collector Incumbent

Dear Neighbors,

I am certified by the State of Connecticut as a Municipal Tax Collector. My responsibility is to collect taxes and sewer fees. Tax Collectors are judged by their collection rate – mine is over 99% - every year. Even the New York Times recognized me as one of the top 30 tax collectors in Connecticut. A high collection rate allows us to have a high bond rating. Our town can borrow money, when needed, at the most favorable interest rates. Some of the improvements I’ve made are convenient on-line tax payments and the need for paid up taxes before a building permit is issued. Marlborough offered my family a great place to live, gave my daughters great educations, a wholesome place to grow up, and today, a warm and inviting place to return. I’m asking for your vote on November 5th to continue serving you!