The Marlborough Republicans

Scott Fleeher - RHAM BOE Incumbent

My name is Scott Fleeher, and I am excited to ask for your support of my continued service on the RHAM Board of Education on November 5th 2019.  As a father, husband, and resident of Marlborough since 2010, I seek to continue to serve the people of Marlborough and the students and staff of our amazing schools. 

I bring more than 27 years of military, corporate and public service to the team. 

I joined corporate America following a 20+ year career in the active U.S. Army, transitioning from the military as a Lieutenant Colonel. During my time with the military I served in a variety of leadership positions as an Attack Helicopter Pilot, Military Attaché and Intelligence Officer. I served more than 7 years in overseas assignments, including contingency operations in Eastern Europe and service with Joint Special Operations Command in Kandahar, Afghanistan.  With so many moves over the years, my daughters attended schools in at least 7 different districts, including overseas.  This exposure provides me a unique perspective of what “right” looks like.  During my last Army role I served as the Professor of Military Science at UConn, where I led Army ROTC for the state and collaborated with faculty and staff at UConn, Yale, Sacred Heart and the University of New Haven.

I am a graduate of the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management.  I earned a Master of Arts degree in International Relations from Boston University as an Army Foreign Area Officer (FAO), and graduated from the Defense Language Institute as Serbian-Croatian Linguist. 

Since my appointment to the board of education in 2018, I’ve played an active role and served as a positive change agent for key initiatives including renovation of the media center and athletic facilities improvement special sub-committee. 

My first priority is and will always be PEOPLE.  The students, faculty and residents of Marlborough will remain at the center of every decision I make.  The education, safety and development of all RHAM students is the foundation of why I dedicate my time to serve.

To best serve RHAM and our residents, I will continue to focus on transparency and accountability of the administration.  I take the allocation of precious resources and the impact of our school reputation on our students, and family decisions to move to and live in Marlborough very seriously.

To achieve these goals requires hard work, collaboration and trust.  In my year with the board I demonstrated through active participation and results that I have what it takes to build consensus across town and party lines.

During my first year with the board I helped invigorate the facilities subcommittee, drove changes to the budget development process, and developed a facilities maintenance reporting system in collaboration with the board and administration.  It would be my honor to continue to serve.  I appreciate your consideration and welcome any questions you might have.

Sue Rapelye - RHAM BOE Incumbent

My name is Susan Rapelye and I am running for re-election to the RHAM Board of Education.  One of our family values is making a difference in others' lives and I have chosen to channel that towards children. As a parent of 4 children and current board member of RHAM and Marlborough Elementary School, my passion is to enrich all of our children’s experiences in our community through the school and its programs.  I have a BA in Accounting and have been employed at Fiserv, a banking software provider, for over 20 years as a Director of Program Management.  

 As a parent, I chose to take an active role in my children’s education and for me that extended into my participation on the board as well as other programs that can make a positive impact. I have been an active member of programs such as AHM as a Chair on the AHM CHEC Coalition. As a volunteer for AHM I have worked on issues such as substance abuse prevention especially around vaping along with parent awareness around social media and bullying which has been extremely rewarding and made a positive difference.   

My views are that the education of our children should not only consist of the core subjects but programs and subjects that create diversity in thought so that our children become well rounded and prepared for life. Their youth is a time to experience a wide range of academic subjects, extracurricular activities and thought-provoking topics so they can begin to make their path in life.

With your vote on November 5th, I can continue my efforts in providing the best education possible for RHAM students. I’m honored to have the opportunity to be part of our children’s success and education.

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