The Marlborough Republicans

Brett Hallden - Candidate Planning

​A dedicated public servant, Brett has been a firefighter for 26 years, currently serving in his 15th year as a Lieutenant and Shift Commander for the Cromwell Fire Department and also as a volunteer for the Marlborough Volunteer Fire Department.

Aside from his love for emergency service delivery, he also works part time in the automotive service industry, as a master mechanic, and is an accomplished, award winning designer and builder of pyrotechnic and explosive devices for the entertainment, music, and film industries.

Brett moved to Marlborough in late 2009 and was immediately captivated by not only the scenic beauty of the Town but also the small-town charm and willingness of neighbors to go above and beyond to help each other.  It was these seemingly simple things that cemented him into this community.

Having been born and raised in the community he still works for, he has seen both the positive, and the negatives, of community growth and understands the need for responsible development and, sometimes, restraint.

Brett’s wife is a 30 year Marlborough resident and he has one son who attends RHAM High School.  Aside from his work life, Brett is an avid hockey fan and currently plays adult league hockey. 

Incumbents - Planning Commission

​Mark Stankiewicz - Incumbent Planning

Mark Stankiewicz is the Chairman of the Planning Commission. Under my leadership, the Commission has undertaken a variety of advisory initiatives including the re-development of the former Marlborough Tavern and adjacent properties. Recently, the Commission completed and submitted a survey asking for input on what residents feel is important to the town to focus on for the next ten years.

My experience on the Commission gives me unique knowledge of the strengths and needs of Marlborough, within the context of streets, buildings, industry and economic development efforts. In addition, in my ten years as Assistant Director of Labor Market Information for the Department of Labor, I have had the opportunity to work on a number of important issues to the state’s economy including Team Connecticut’s SUBASE Strike Force, which was responsible for analyzing the economic impact of the proposed SUBASE New London closure on the Connecticut and New England economies. At present, I am a member of the Eastern Connecticut’s Manufacturing Pipeline, which is a national model for industry‐driven partnerships among employers, education/training, and workforce development partners. This partnership has developed over seven years to ensure that education and training activities respond to the needs of manufacturers and other employers dependent on workers with STEM competencies.

With regards to promoting the growth and orderly development of Marlborough, I view the role of the Planning Commission as more than just an advisory entity. The Commission is in a unique position to gather input from the public and neighborhood associations, evaluate information, and render initial decisions that reflect the overall goals and needs of Marlborough.

Mark Stankiewicz holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Sacred Heart University. He has held a variety of administrative positions throughout his 32 year career with the Connecticut Department of Labor. Mark is a 24 year resident of Marlborough and a volunteer with the Church of the Holy Family as both a Sunday School Teacher and Youth Ministry Leader. Mark is also a member of the Connecticut Board of Approved Baseball Umpires.