The Marlborough Republicans

Greg Lowrey - First Selectman Candidate

Fellow Marlborough Residents: My name is Greg Lowrey and I am running for office as Marlborough’s next First Selectman. I would like to share with you why I believe I am the best candidate. I have lived in Marlborough since 2001. I know the importance of efficiency in running an organization. Harnessing expertise, effective delegation and clear communication have served me and my clients throughout my tax accounting career. My wife & I are the proud parents of two sons who attended Marlborough Elementary School and RHAM Middle School. We understand the value of a quality education provided by expert instructors in a modern facility.

I grew up in Hebron, attended RHAM Jr. High and graduated from The Hammonasset School in Madison. I served on active duty in the U.S. Army as a Cavalry Scout and in logistics with the Connecticut National Guard. Motivating subordinates, maintaining morale, and accountability are a few of the skills I developed during and beyond my military service.

I have earned three degrees (BA ‘95, JD ‘00, MS ‘04) from UConn and served as a volunteer emergency management radio operator for Hebron, Andover and Marlborough. I am currently a practicing attorney and CPA from my office in the center of Marlborough.

I understand the challenges and opportunities found in government having served for eight years as the tax and compliance accountant for UConn, with direct reports from multiple bargaining units. In addition, I serve as treasurer for a local nonprofit, as an EMT with several local ambulance services and as the current Emergency Management Director for the town of Marlborough.

This background has prepared me well for the position of Marlborough’s next First Selectman and to successfully meet the future challenges facing Marlborough.

Please support me with your vote on November 5th.

First Selectman Candidate