The Marlborough Republicans

Chairman's Message​

Chairman Liz Gorgoglione

We are so blessed to live in this community! While no town is perfect, our deep history, devoted townspeople, and strong morals, have led the way in continuously building this beautiful community. By building, I mean building on friendships, meeting new people, community involvement, helping neighbors in need, serving in civic roles, and most importantly, acceptance and respect for our fellow neighbors-regardless of beliefs, affiliations, etc.

Most of us have thoughts and opinions on ways things can be done better, or who is the right individual for a position, or where money should/shouldn’t be spent, etc. In an already decisive world, we want our town to come together in a way where it is no longer one group against another but groups of people sharing their differing ideas, perspectives, and experiences. THIS is how people learn and grow. THIS is how we truly understand what our neighbors needs and wants are. THIS is how we ensure that we are taking care of our neighbors and friends. In the end, it’s fair to say that we all want the same thing - an even better community and state in which to reside.

The Marlborough Republican Town Committee has built a strong foundation over the years and has been led by many wise, devoted citizens of this town. This vast amount of knowledge and experience is crucial for any organization to succeed. From this strong foundation, the Marlborough Republican Town Committee is looking to further build on this foundation not only within our committee but in the community as a whole. We want a strong, diverse, and engaged Marlborough Republican Town Committee and we welcome your help and your ideas to keep our vision moving forward!

We welcome you to attend one of our monthly meetings in order to get a feel for who we are, what we represent, and our vision. You may also reach out to any of our members with any questions.



Liz Gorgoglione

Chair, Marlborough Republican Town Committee