The Marlborough Republicans

Chairman's Message​

Chairman Ken Hjulstrom

The 2019 slate of Republican Candidates will be comprised of a majority of experienced incumbent candidates along with few newcomers who have stepped forward to dedicate their time and energies in service to their community. They all share a commitment to providing unparalleled service without influence from personal agendas or preconceived notions. We need to have elected officials who serve ALL of the residents of Marlborough and who do not cater to specific special interest groups. Our Republican team of candidates will reflect this commitment for totally unbiased representation.

Over the course of the last 20 years a lot has been accomplished in Marlborough, but there is much left to be done. The expanded sewers and Town Center water system, which were implemented during those last 20 years, are now paying dividends in the form of economic growth in our Town Center. The new BIG Y and the reopening of the Marlborough Tavern are just two examples of how the hard work by Town officials over the course of the last two decades is now paying dividends. We are all benefiting from the hard work of those who had the foresight to put these essential systems in place.

These new businesses will lead a revitalization in Marlborough, which will in turn help with our tax base and take some of the burden off our residential property owners. But we cannot depend on these new businesses to solve all of our fiscal challenges. We need to pay close attention to our Town budget, while making sure that we address the needs of our residents, students and local businesses.

Our elementary school is one of the finest in the State and ongoing updates to the facility have been implemented by the Board of Education to enhance the school’s technology, provide a safe environment, improve programming and provide our children with the highest level of educational services. At the same time the State of Connecticut continues to place unfunded mandates on our school system, further driving up costs and forcing our Board of Education members to trim costs wherever possible. At the same time the Board of Education will struggle with the need to address long overdue repairs to our school facility as is evidenced by the recent repaving of the school parking lots and setting funds aside for future roof and boiler replacement.

At the same time we need to strive to continue to provide our seniors with an excellent facility and essential services at our Senior Center.

Our community benefits greatly from volunteers who support our youth athletic programs. I can’t say enough about how much their hard work means to the children and families of Marlborough. Others provide service to our community as volunteer firemen, EMTs and as public servants on our many Boards and Commissions.

Our State’s economy is still struggling to recover, and the strain has been felt by many of our residents, including our seniors who are on fixed incomes. Too many of our citizens remain unemployed or underemployed. Controlling costs has also been made increasingly difficult due to an ever-increasing percentage of RHAM students coming from Marlborough, which has driven up our educational costs. In addition, the State of Connecticut’s budget is in turmoil, placing Marlborough and other small towns in the tough position of passing budgets that are based on assumptions in regards to State funding. These situations make it even more critical that we keep Marlborough affordable for present residents and keep it attractive for new families and businesses. This is a tough balancing act, but the goal of the Marlborough Republicans is to provide needed services for residents while keeping costs under control and tax increases to a minimum. The large Town Operations surpluses over the course of the last three years demonstrate that we can, and will, take a closer look at our budgets in order to make sure that the budgets are realistic, are not overinflated and do not place an unnecessary burden on our taxpayers. This is not an easy task, but it can be done with the cooperation of Town Hall, the Boards of Education and the Board of Finance.

This is why it is so important to have Town leadership, along with people on our Town Boards and Commissions, who have the experience necessary to lead Marlborough into the future. Our strong team of Republican Candidates will be ready and able to perform for you!

As chairman of the Republican Town Committee, I pledge myself and our party to serve Marlborough and its citizens. With your help we can keep Marlborough among the best places to live in Connecticut. We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to our neighbors and we owe it to our children.

Thank you,

Ken Hjulstrom, Chairman
Marlborough Republican Town Committee​