The Marlborough Republicans

About The Marlborough Republicans

What are the Marlborough Republicans all about?

We are committed to maintaining and improving services in a fiscally responsible manner. Economic times are still forcing taxpayers to “tighten their belts” and your elected officials need to do the same. During past budget seasons, we listened and responded by analyzing every line item in the budget. Republicans reduced expenses and made certain that you received the most for your tax dollars. These efforts were successful, but there is more to be done! We are still in uncertain economic times and will continue to practice responsible fiscal management. Marlborough Republicans will provide needed services while containing costs. This is a tough balancing act, but it can be done. With these goals in mind, we make the following pledges:​


Budget for needs, rather than wants.
Strengthen communication and cooperation among the Boards of Selectmen, Education and Finance.​


With Marlborough’s declining debt, we pledge to use resulting savings to minimize taxes.
Limit borrowing to infrastructure needs to control debt levels.​


Balance quality education with fiscal responsibility.
Focus on school facility capital improvement issues.​


Listen to the needs of our seniors.
Support and enhance senior programs.​

Town Operations:

Improve services while managing costs.
Work with State officials to secure grants and funding to support town improvements.​

Business Growth:

Emphasize Business Park marketing efforts while minimizing additional expenditures.
Promote current business opportunities to increase revenues.